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Protected by ESET since 2008
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Protected by ESET since 2016
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 Reduce the risk to your company with a secure authentication solution

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One-tap mobile-based authentication for data protection

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"Single server install, ease of setup, integration with Active Directory and one of the major pluses, an application we could give our staff members so there was no need for constant SMSs. On top of this, the fact it works seamlessly with open VPN made us very happy as we didn’t have to change our VPN setup to accommodate the software.”

Tom Wright, IT Service Officer, Gardners Books

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ESET provides a simple and effective way for businesses of all sizes to implement multi-factor authentication across commonly utilized systems.

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Restrict access to company resources by leveraging multi-factor authentication and requiring an additional one-time password (OTP) to reduce the worry associated with shared or stolen passwords.

No dedicated hardware required

Simply install the 10MB application on any server and start provisioning. Our solution includes everything you need to get started.

Full SDK and API included

Extend the functionality of ESET secure authentication to fit your businesses needs.

Quick and easy setup

Keep set up time to the absolute minimum and configure our solution without needing an IT staff.

How ESET protects your company:

 Secure access to your data and systems with ESET secure authentication

Push authentication

Use single-touch authentication via iOS, Android and Windows 10 mobile devices.

Remote management

Access our management console via web browser or opt for integration with Active Directory.

Multiple ways to authenticate

Get support for mobile applications, push notifications, hard tokens and SMS for OTP delivery, as well as custom methods.

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